Class Structure

In any effective martial arts training system, it is vital that you bring the mind and the body together to improve self-development, self-confidence, coordination and fitness.

To ensure that all members of Clifton Kickboxing get the maximum benefit from each class it is broken down into 3 main parts: Circuit Training, Flexibility and Kickboxing with Self Defence.

Circuit Training

During Circuit Training a number of different exercises (incorporating cardiovascularcoordination, muscle tone and endurance) are arranged by our instructors to improve your strength, fitness and confidence. This part is usually between 30 – 45 minutes.


It is important to improve your flexibility when training in Martial Arts. You need to stretch above and beyond the stretching done in your standard exercise classes. This part is usually 15 minutes.

Kickboxing with Self Defence

We follow the Lau Gar style which is taught alongside self-defence by our instructors. Students may choose to take optional gradings which are held every 3-6 months.